Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - M

Magnesium L. Ascorbyl Complex:a stable complex of water soluble derivatives of Vitamin C - powerful antioxidant complex that scavenges and binds to free radicals of oxygen and neutralizes them, so they do not damage the skin cell walls and internal structures. Helps fight againts internal skin danage and premature aging.

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB):

the pattern of balding that occurs in over 95% of men - characterized by hair thinning from the crown of the head and receding from the sides of the forehead. See alopecia.
mascule:flat discolored spot on skin, may have any shape, 5mm or 0.2 inches in diameter or less. Examples are freckles, port-wine stains, flat moles and many rashes.
mask of pregnancy:see melasma
maskne:skin breakouts (contact dermatitis) due to the extensive long-time use and wearing of face mask. Cause: inhibiting of proper air circulation (breathing of skin) causing the trapping of breath, sweat, salts, oils and dirt close to the skin. Extra tight masks also cause pressure points on the skin. The ways to mitigate the problems of maskne is to properly cleanse and hydrate the skin with Aloe Vera to help heal, calm, soothe, internally moisturize and nourish.
matrix aloe:this is industry standard for aloe. Uses only the interior watery part - the matrix - of the aloe vera leaf - throwing away more than 80% of aloe vera's beneficial ingredients. This results in a far less functional, active and beneficial aloe than Whole Leaf Aloe Vera.
melasma:popularly known as 'pregnancy mask' or 'mask of pregnancy'. Develops during pregnancy or when taking oral contraceptives. Characterized by patchy dark areas of irregular shape, on both sides of face. Predominantly occurs in centre of face, on cheeks, forehead, upper lip and nose. Thought to be caused by the placenta's production of a hormone which stimulates the melanocytes (the cells which produce melanin - dark brown skin pigment). Generally will slowly fade after pregnancy or if taking of oral contraceptives has stopped. However, unprotected sun exposure will darken these patches and can potentially cause more permanent skin discoloration, the best way to prevent further darkening is the daily proper use of sun protection, Nancy K Brown's Sun Defense Shields are ideal for this.
micellization:the process whereby a normally insoluble compound is allowed to dissolve. This is done through the incorporation of the insoluble compound into a micelle core. This allows for the absorption of lipid soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) by the human body. Without being micellized, lipid soluble vitamins present in products can not be absorbed by the body, and are thus useless.
micellized:refers to the fact that a compound has undergone the micellization process (see above).
micrometer:1 millionth of a meter (1 x 10-6 meters) - this is the size of micro or fine particles used in skin care and cosmetics (not to be confused with the controversial nano-particle sized ingredients).
micronization: the process of reducing the average diameter of a solid material. The solid material is reduced in diameter to a few micrometers. This produces a consistent average particle size distribution (PSD), it also increases the solid material's surface area and improves its dissolution properties. This allows for better formulations, providing more consistent and effective products.
micronized:a solid material having undergone the micronization process (see above).
micro-particle:a solid material which has been reduced in size, to a few microns (1 millionth of a meter in diameter) by the micronization process. This should not be confused with the nano-particle, which is a particle 1 billionth or less of a meter in diameter. Nancy K. Brown does not use nano-particles in any of its products.
miscillized:alternate spelling of micellized
Muehrche's Lines:

are white bands that cross the fingernail horizontally. They do not move as the nail grows. Named after Doctor Robert Muehrche (1921 - 2003) - American physician who first decribed this clinical sign, they may be an indication of albumin deficiency in the body. Click here for albumin information.

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