Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - U

ulcer:deep, penetrating damage to dermis. These often heal with scarring unless properly attended to. Use of Aloe Vera can be beneficial.
urticaria:hives (red, raised bumps), may occur after exposure to an allergen, at beginning of flares, or after a hot bath or excercise.
UV induced skin aging:also known as photo-aging, which is induced by UV radiation. Examples of visible signs of UV-induced skin aging are wrinkles and brown spots, the result of prolonged unprotected exposure to UVA and UVB rays.
UVA:ultraviolet A radation - the spectrum of light, which causes premature aging - manifested in wrinkles and age spots (dark blotches). Too much UVA exposure may cause skin cancer.
UVB:ultraviolet B radiation - the spectrum of light, which causes sunburns. Too much UVB exposure may cause skin cancer.

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