Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Toe Nail problems - reasons and solutions !

An ingrown toe nail can be the result of a deformed toe nail growing improperly into the skin or the skin surrounding the nail growing abnormally fast and engulfing the nail.


  1. improper clipping or trimming of toe nails. Trimming nail into a curve with short edges can result in or worsen ingrown toe nails.
  2. wearing of poorly fitting shoes - to large or to tight.
  3. wearing of sandles and flip flops were toes hang over the edge, stressing the nail plate by bumping and stubbling toes, causing injury and damaging toe nails.
  4. toe nails which grow very curved or flat and wide - are more prone to give ingrown nail issues.



  1. on a regular basis closely inspect your feet, toes and toe nails.
  2. trim toe nails straight across, not in a curve.
  3. be gentle with your feet, toes and nails - be careful to avoid bumping and injuries.
  4. properly trim toe nails with quality nail care tools, clippers and files, do not tear them.
  5. trim nail corners before they start to get into tissue.
  6. only wear properly fitting shoes and other foot wear. Especially with open toes.
  7. if issue persists see podiatrist.


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