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Pro Finish Elegante Finger and Toe Nail Polish and Top Coat Light Drying / Curing System

- bring professional nail care home, for beautiful nails everytime !

25% off - now only 90.00 from 120.00 (your savings will be applied at check-out)


- Hand Rescue Salve is now available in travel / purse / pocket size 30ml / 1oz - for easy  use throughout your day !

- Read about ROSACEA - what is it? what to do? Nancy K Brown has innovative approaches for the various different kinds of Rosacea- to provide management for and give relief from the different forms of this frustrating skin condition ! See Rosacea here for answers and product solutions !

- Read about ECZEMA - what is it? what to do? Nancy K Brown has an innovative approach - to provide management for and give relief from this most irritating skin condition ! See Eczema here for answers and products !


Nancy K Brown is delighted to share with you the unbaised, unsolicited independent review by Anita of IntensePolishTherapy of the Nancy K Brown Skin Care Acne System.


Nancy K Brown has again renewed its support for 2014 / 2015 for the Humane Society and the wonderful work the society and its volunteers do for animals in Greater Edmonton area.


Nancy K Brown is delighted to share with you the launch of MOISTURIZING FLUIDE our exciting new face care product, many years in the making, ready just before the cold season - fall and winter - to help you get and maintain great skin.

  • specially formulated for multi-purpose facial use - to soothe, calm, nourish, condition and moisturize
  • for detailed information click here MOISTURE FLUIDE


GET YOUR BODY, FEET and HANDS READY FOR FALL and WINTER - with Nancy K Brown body, foot and hand care products.

Body, Foot and Hand Care Products for Fall and Winter by Nancy K Brown


Nancy K Brown is featured in the April 2013 issue of DermaScope Magazine, one of the world's leading skin care publications.

Nancy K Brown introduces a new size for the popular Acne Prone Skin Mask - now also available in 60 gram / 2 oz size.

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at Nancy K Brown we have offered our clients a choice of Beauty Balms, Blemish Balms or Beauty Benefit for years - namely the Sun Defense Shields. Unlike the 'fashionable' BBs recently touted in magazines the Nancy K. Brown Sun Defense Shields offer far more functionality and a variety of choices at a much more economical price. See Skin Care - Step 5 (Sun Defense Shields and Moisturizers) for details.


UV Nail Polish / Topcoat Drying System (ProFinish)




Nancy K Brown Product Information Book (full color) 


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