Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - T

phthalates:are esters of phthalic acid, used as stabilizers, dispersants, lubricants, emulsifying and suspenending agents in personal care products. There are health concerns with this family of compounds. Nancy K Brown products do not contain phthalates.
telangiectasia:dilated blood vessels near skin surface, often appear twisted, turn white when pressure applied.
titanium dioxide:TiO2.  Natural mineral based physical, non-chemical sun protectant. Assists with broad spectrum - UVA and UVB - from sunlight. When applied to the skin, it scatters and reflects UV light away from the skin. Non-irritating, non-comedogenic. Titanium Dioxide is used in Sun Defense Shield products, Nancy K Brown's line of natural physical environmental light defenders and protectors.
tocopheryl acetate:vitamin E (INCI name). Anti-oxidant and preservative. Non-comedogenic.

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