Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - D

décolletéFrench word referring to the upper chest area - this includes the neck, cleavage and shoulder areas. This area, although often overlooked, should be included in proper skin and body care regimen. Unfortunately it is here that a lady's age can often been discerned, as gravity naturally effects this area, causing stretchmarks and wrinkles. See Nancy K Brown Bust and Neck Firming Creme for assistance with these issues.
dehydration (skin)dehydration of the skin is characterized by the loss of water, minerals and nutrients from skin tissues and cells. Daily water loss can be as much as 350 millilitres - depends on general skin and body health, diet, lifestyle, activity, environment (ambient temperature and humidity), certain medications, and skin care products used. Can also be sign of underlying medical condition. Results in skin feeling tight, dry, uncomfortable, decreased skin circulation and showing fine horizontal lines. What to do: ingest plenty of fluids, use quality skin care products, such as hydrators and moisturizers.
demulcents:soothing substances which help protect damaged or inflamed tissues. Others in this category include: comfrey, Irish moss, chickweed, licorice, flax and burdock.
dermatitis:means inflammation of the skin
dermatitis, atopic:see atopic dermatitis for details in the A section of this Skin Dictionary.
dermatitis, generalized exfoliative:see generalized exfoliative dermatitis in the G section of this Skin Dictionary.
dermatitis, nummular:see nummular dermatitis for details in the N section of this Skin Dictionary.
dermatitis, perioral:see perioral dermatitis in the P section of this Skin Dictionary.

dermatitis, seborrheic:

see seborrheic dermatitis for details in the S section of this Skin Dictionary.
dermatitis, stasis:see stasis dermatitis in the S section of this Skin Dictionary.
desquamation:technical term for skin peeling. It is the shedding of the outermost membrane or layer of a tissue, such as that from the skin. Term comes from the Latin desquamare 'to scrape the scales off a fish'.
dimethylethanolamine:also known as DMAE - organic compound used for its antiaging benefits - helps to: 1) reduce appearance of wrinkles - forehead and around eyes, 2) reduce dark under eye circles, 3) reduce sagging neck skin, 4) increases skin firmness, 5) reduce inflammation, 6) improve quality of epidermal and dermal skin tissues
dysbacteriosis:the disruption of the body's natural or normal balance of bacteria or microflora. Results from the targeting of certain bacteria and microflora especially in the digestive tract, upsetting the body's balance and creating a void which allows other bacteria or microflora to multiply unchecked. Often caused by the inappropriate use of topical and internal antibiotics, medication and antibacterial agents. Thought in some medical circles to be one of the root causes of many diseases and disorders, and an explanation why certain diseases and disorders are on the rise. Can have effect throughout the body, including the skin.

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