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Aloe Vera HYDRATORS skin hydration boosters - step 4  (internal skin moisture boosters - essential for replenishing your skin's internal moisture reservoir).

Often imitated, never equaled !

Pioneered and perfected by Nancy K Brown HYDRATION is the revolutionary skin care concept and category, that is the answer to the shortcomings and failures of moisturizers.

Proper internal hydration levels in the skin are essential for optimal skin functioning. If the skin's internal hydration levels are not adequately maintained, or are depleted, the skin can not function efficiently, which may cause it to experience numerous problems - dryness, discomfort, breakouts, sensitivities, irritation, allergies and compromised skin metabolism, are but a few. In addition, the effectiveness of skin care products is greatly reduced.
  • Have you ever asked yourself:
    • why is it that I have to keep applying and reapplying my moisturizer throughout the day to feel comfortable?
    • why is it that my skin feels dry, tight and uncomfortable a short time after I have applied my moisturizer?

Skin and Face Hydration and Hydrators Explained - traditional moisturizers are merely surface lubricants and sealants - they do not introduce moisture into your skin - where it is needed most. The ingredients of moisturizers, whether in creme or lotion form, are too large in molecular size to go into the skin. The chief function of moisturizers is to provide surface moisturization and seal in the skins internal moisture (hydration) content to prevent or reduce drying out.

There must, however, be moisture (hydration) present inside the skin for the moisturizer to seal it in. If the skin's hydration (internal moisture) level is inadequate or compromised - the use of moisturizers can actually rob the skin of internal moisture.

The solution is simple, namely - the HYDRATOR - specifically formulated to address your skin's hydration (internal moisture) needs by replenishing your skin's internal moisture reservoir.

A quality and effective hydrator is easily absorbed into the skin, does not leave a film on the skin's surface, and goes directly to the target tissue. In addition, a quality and efffective hydrator will give your skin a wonderful luxurious supple feel, while tauting the skin, without stretching it. 

  • Nancy K. Brown HYDRATORS:
    • are made with 100% Aloe Vera (whole leaf and cold processed)
    • help to maintain, replenish and restore the skin's hydration (internal moisture) levels
    • help provide powerful anti-oxidant action
    • help infuse skin with minerals, vitamins, amino acids mono, poly and muchopolyssacharides
    • help soothe and calm
    • help reduce redness
    • help nourish
    • help with internal cellular oxygenation
    • help improve skin elasticity and resilience
    • help improve skin metabolism
    • leave your skin with a wonderful luxuriouslly soft and supple feel
    • will taut your skin, without stretching it
  • Nancy K Brown HYDARTORS are effective RESULT delivering:
    • readily absorbed by the skin
    • do not leave a film on your skin
    • go directly to the target tissue
    • non-comedogenic
    • non-allergenic
    • oil free
    • alcohol free
    • fragrance free
    • color free
    • disinfectant free
    • exfoliant free
  • Nancy K. Brown offers three levels of skin and face hydration - for all skin types and conditions. Choose one of the above hydrators that best meets your skin's hydration / internal moisturization needs.