Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - C

ceramides:are lipids (fats) found naturally in healthy skin. Important component of skin structure, serve to bind cells of the upper layer of the skin together and help keep moisture (water) in the skin. Deficiency results in dryness, sensitivity, irritation and weakened skin - compromising proper skin functioning. Skin naturally becomes depleted of ceramides over time through environmental exposure and harsh cleansing agents and detergents - thus they should be replenishment. See Nancy K Brown's Serum #1 - Moisture Binding Complexe for a highly effective ceramide containing replenishing serum.
cerumen:also known as earwax. Created by glands in the outer ear canal. Important for proper ear functioning. Moistens ear canal, helping to trap dust and dirt, preventing them from reaching the eardrum. Also prevents itchy ears.
cheilitis:inflammation of the skin on and around the lips
cholagogues:substances used to help promote the flow and discharge of bile into the small intestine. Aids digestion and elimination. Others in this category include: barberry, goldenseal, wild yam and licorice.
cold processed aloe vera:means that the aloe vera is pasteurized at low temperature, this ensures that the integrity of the long chain sugars (mucosaccharides, poly and muchpolysaccharides), the amino acids structures and the enzymatic acticity of the aloe vera are preserved - ensuring an active and functional aloe vera. This is different from the industry standard of high heat pasteurization that breaks the long chain sugars, changes the amino acid structures and turns off the enzymatic activity, which creates a non-active and non-functional aloe vera.
comedogenic:will cause the plugging or clogging of skin duct or pore.


latin: vaccinium macrocarpon - studies have shown that the proanthocyanidin bioflavonoids present in cranberry juice and extracts help improve urinary tract health by reducing the ability of bacteria to adhere to the mucosal lining of the bladder and urethra - thus reducing the ability of bacteria to cause infection.

crust:formed when the skin has been damaged, part of the skin's repair process. Can be formed from dried skin fluids, blood or pus. Also called a scab.
cyst:a hollow lump in the skin which has a wall, may be filled with fluid or solid material.

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