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Aloe Vera Milk and Foaming Gel FACIAL CLEANSERS - step 1

Skin and face cleansers explained - why cleanse your skin, how do face cleansers work, what to look for and what to avoid  when selecting a skin cleanser.

Cleansing is not only the first, it may be considered the most important step in your skin care regime. Despite this fact, skin cleansing is often misunderstood and dismissed. Without proper skin cleansing, your skin care regimen and the products you use, will not be effective. Good skin cleansers give your skin care the proper start! Nancy K Brown's Aloe Vera skin cleansers and face washes are the answer to cleaner, clearer, glowing and healthier skin. The Aloe Cleansing Milk and Aloe Facial Shampoo Gel Cleansers harness the natural cleansing powers of Aloe Vera using Nancy K Brown's exclusive 100% Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera technology.


It is not enough that your facial cleanser is efficient in removing dirt and debris, it is essential that the skin cleanser itself does not contribute to your skin's problems, inhibit the action of the skin care products you use or is the cause of new or additional skin problems.

An effective, quality Cleanser prepares your skin for RESULTS and should:

  • be non-comedogenic, non-allergenic and gentle, yet effective
  • be non-irritating, non-drying
  • leave your skin clean, supple and clear
  • remove dirt, debris, makeup and excess oils, yet not strip your skin of its essential oils
  • should not irritate and aggrevate sebaccious glands and their oil production
  • be water rinsible - this ensures all traces of the cleanser are removed and no film is left behind, as with tissue-off cleansers, to inhibit and interfer with subsequent products used
  • be anti-bacterial agent free - except in very specific conditions and situations

A proper skin cleansing routine does not stop at your face, but should include your neck - front and back - and your chest / bust areas. Cleansing your skin twice a day, in the morning and at night is a must. It is never a good idea to go to bed with make-up on, for despite what some people say, it is not a good thing.

Cleansing your skin with just water or soap?
Cleansing your skin with just water, is not sufficient. It can not breakdown the surface oils to which debris and dirt stick. Cleansing your skin with soaps is not recommended as soaps invariably contain pore clogging ingredients such as tallow. Cleansing your skin with tissue-off cleansers is also not recommended, as these will leave traces, a film, behind, no matter how well you wipe - this film interfers with and inhibits the skin care products you use afterwards. Nancy K. Brown aloe vera milk and aloe vera gel cleansers are fully water rinsible and do not contain soap or soap like ingredients.

Cleansing your skin with disinfectants / anti-bacterial agents?
Great care must be taken when using skin cleansers which contain disinfectants or stripping agents, these will cause irritation, sensitization and may actually aggrevate certain skin conditions. The daily use of antibacterial agents for face and body cleansing is also problematic. It upsets the delicate microflora balance [the body's useful and fuctional bacteria], and increases the incidence of harmful bacteria resistance to antibacterial agents and antibiotics. Nancy K. Brown aloe vera milk and aloe vera gel cleansers do not contain disinfectants or anti-bacterial agents.

Cleansing your skin with exfoliant containg cleansers?
Skin cleansers containing exfoliants, such as AHA's or BHA are not recommended. A skin cleanser does not stay on the skin long enough to allow the exfoliant to perform its function, the only real effect of exfoliants in cleansers may be sensitization, irritation and skin issu aggrevation. All-in-one skin cleansers, which also promise toning and/or moisturization are at best disingenious, for how can you cleanse and tone and/or moisturize at the same time? It is not possible. These are completely opposite actio