Face and Skin Shammy / Sponge Cleansing Cloth

Nancy K Brown : Face and Skin Shammy / Sponge Cleansing Cloth
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Skin Types: sensitive, aging or mature, mature, acne prone or acneic, combination, normal, fragile, oily, dry


Tired of regular washcloths and towels irritating your skin?

The high-tech Nancy K. Brown FACE and SKIN SHAMMY / SPONGE CLEANSING CLOTH  is the answer!

This is a revolutionary cleansing aid - a luxurious ultra soft washcloth / sponge cloth for all your face and skin cleansing needs!

- WARNING: once you have used it, you will not want to be without it !

  • ultra soft
  • made from PVA (polyvinyl acetate)
    • a rubbery synthetic polymer - a high tech material similar in structure and properties to natural sponge
      • is long wearing
      • super absorbent
      • non-irritating
      • non-abrasive
      • non-sensitizing
  • smooth
  • for use by men and women
  • for use with all skin types
  • the right size to comfortably cover your entire face - size: 27.5cm x 27.5cm / 10.75" x 10.75"
  • durable, long lasting
  • reusable
  • machine or hand washable
  • air dry
  • dries hard to prevent bacteria, fungus and microbial growth - as can grow on regular wash and face cloths
  • simply immerse in water and your shammy / spone cloth becomes luxuriously soft again
  • can easily be cut into smaller sections - to be used as face and skin sponges
  • gentle on face and skin
  • will NOT irritate, scuff or tear your face and skin like regular towels and face cloths do
  • can be used on face and all over body
  • effectively and efficiently cleanse face and skin
  • effectively and effciently removes products from face and skin
  • can be used as a hot towel to open pores
For men:
  • before shaving:
    • hot towel treatment:
      • to soften beard hairs before shaving
      • to help swell beard hairs
      • to help razor get better grip on beard hairs
      • to get a very close and comfortable shave
  • after shaving:
    • to effectively remove the film left by shaving products (creams, lotions, etc.) without irritating skin
    • to comfort skin
How to use:
  1. rinse well before and after each use - hang to dry, shammy will harden once dry.
  2. when needed place in lukewarm water and your shammy will return to its original luxurious softness

How to care for:

  1. machine wash in lukewarm water
  2. hang to dry - do not place in clothes dryer
approximate size: 27.5cm x 27.5cm / 10.75in x 10.75in
color: royal blue


part of the Nancy K Brown family of skin and face cleansers.

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