Wax and Waxing Strips

Nancy K. Brown waxes - liquid and hard, wax rolls - cotton and muslin, and wax care products are made in North America from the higest quality resins, ingredients and materials, to enhance the quality, performance and RESULTS of your professional salon and spa skin, face and body waxing procedures and services. To help you give your clients / patients the RESULTS and value for money they expect, helping you to set your business apart and above the competition. To give your clients / patients reason to keep coming back to your salon and spa. Waxes liquid and hard by Nancy K Brown Skin Care


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professional salon and spa AIDS and TREATMENT TOOLS:
Bowl - treatment mixing / preparation / application bowl - for Glycolic Acid skin and body peels, Mask Treatments, etc.
Brush - professional treatment application brush - for Glycolic Acid skin and body peels, other Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels, Mask Treatments, etc.
Facial Shammy / Sponge Cloth - for removing skin and face cleansers, facial treatments, body treatments, etc.
Timer - digital skin and body treatment / procedure timer - with seconds and minutes
Body Wrap / Thermal Blanket - deluxe foil - silver - 140 cm x 204 cm / 56" x 80"
professional salon and spa MASK and TREATMENT AIDS and COVERS:
Facial Gauze covers - for paraffin facials and mask which set hard
Neck and Face Cover - covers entire face and neck areas
Face Cover - covers entire face area
double Eye Cover - covers entire eye area
Eye Contour Pads / Covers - covers area under, above or on sides of eyes
deluxe Face Cover Tablets - expands to cover entire face
professional salon and spa WAX PRODUCTS & SUPPLIES:
Wax Rolls for wax application - cotton and muslin rolls - made in Canada
Wax Strip Rolls - 100% natural white Cotton or unbleached Muslin
Wax - liquid and hard for Skin, Face and Body waxing - made in Canada
Natural Golden Honey liquid waxes - natural resin waxes - various size cans
Azulene Green liquid waxes - natural resin waxes - various size cans
Cream / Creme liquid waxes - natural resin waxes - various size cans
Honey Golden Hard Wax - natural resin 1/2 kg / 500 g / 1.1 lb brick
Wax Warmer / Heater
Professional Universal Wax Warmer - use with any size metal or plastic can


Nancy K Brown your source for professional salon and spa liquid waxes, hard waxes, coton and muslin wax rolls, aloe vera wax care products products, aids, tools and instruments - exceptional value, superior products, irresistable prices !

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Nancy K Brown depilatory hair removal products, liquid waxes, hard brick waxes, cotton strip rolls and muslin strip rolls are made in Canada from the finest natural ingredients and materials, to offer salon and spa hair removal professionals with the most efficient and effective waxing products for their services at the best wholesale prices in the beauty industry. Also available are Aloe Vera wax care products - the Aloe Pre-Wax Numbing Liquid and Aloe Post-Wax Calming Gel made from the purest Aloe Vera to help soothe, calm skin and counter act bruising. Here you will also find professional spa and salon cabin treatment aids, tools, products and implements to improve professional esthetic treatment services available from Nancy K Brown Skin Care.

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