Facial Shammy / Sponge Cloth

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Tired of regular wash cloths and towels irritating your clients / patients skins?

The Nancy K. Brown FACE SHAMMY / SPONGE CLOTH is the answer!

A revolutionary cleansing aid - a luxurious ultra soft face wash cloth / sponge cloth for all your facial cleansing needs!facial shammy / sponge cloth

- WARNING: once you have used your facial shammy / sponge cloth, you will not want to be without one !

  • gentle for all skin types and for both men and women
  • reusable
  • long lasting
  • helps control bacterial and fungal growth
  • will not irritate or scuff as regular towels and face cloths do
  • excellent for removing cleansers, lotions, masks, peels, etc
  • use as hot towel treatment - to open pores, aid in extractions or soften beard hairs before shaving
  • can easily be cut into smaller sections - to be used as sponges

How to use your facial shammy / sponge cleansing cloth:


  1. rinse well before and after each use - hang to dry, shammy will harden once dry.
  2. when needed place in lukewarm water and your shammy will return to its original luxurious softness

How to care for facial shammy / sponge cleansing cloth:




  1. machine wash in lukewarm water
  2. hang to dry - do not place in clothes dryer



approximate size:
27.5cm x 27.5cm / 10.75in x 10.75in
color: royal blue

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