Esthetic Eye Pads - Double Coverage

premium professional quality moisture lock EYE pad cover, designed to elevate professional eye contour area treatments to a whole new level.

Keep your masks and other facial treatment procedures moist longer, allowing for extended eye contour area facials / treatments.double eye area treatment cover

double esthetic eye pads help to:
  • improve the effectiveness of your eye area treatments
  • enhance eye area treatment benefits and results
  • assist in deeper hydration and absorption of active ingredients
  • enhance client enjoyment
  • extend duration of eye area treatments - by keeping treatment procedures moist longer
double eye pad features are:
  • covers entire eye contour area
  • non-woven
  • holds shape
  • will not stretch
  • pre-cut for eye openings
  • excellent for luxurious salon / spa therapeutic eye area treatments

WHEN TO USE: when you wish to enhance or extend the duration of eye area treatment procedure

HOW TO USE: prep eye area, apply treatment product (mask or other) to eye area, apply cover on top, wet cover with toner (Aloe Mist Toner or Aloe Liquid Toner) depending upon the nature of the facial. Wet cover down periodically as needed. When treatment / procedure finished, remove cover, remove remaining treatment product (mask or other) and proceed with rest of facial.

see below for pricing and sizes - to order call 800.665.4407

Gauze Face Pads
50 / pack

1- 5 packs: 15.50 / pack

6 or more packs: 14.50 / pack

Face & Neck Pads
20 / pack

1- 5 packs: 6.50 / pack

6 or more packs: 5.50 / pack

Face Pads
20 / pack

1- 5 packs: 6.00 / pack

6 or more packs: 5.00 / pack

Eye Pads
60 / pack

1- 5 packs: 6.00 / pack

6 or more packs: 5.00 / pack

double EYE PADS
30 / pack

1- 5 packs: 5.00 / pack

6 or more packs: 4.00 / pack

deluxe Face Mask Pad Capsules
40 / jar

1- 5 packs: 22.00 / pack

6 or more packs: 20.50 / pack


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