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Environmental Protection and Care are a must, no and ifs or buts - for all skin types, all age groups, regardless of ethnic origin, men and women. Although most of us enjoy being outside, and we need it on a limited basis to manufacture Vitamin D, exposure to the environment should be done with commonsense and caution.

Unprotected environmental exposure is the leading cause for:
  • premature aging of the skin
  • lines
  • wrinkles
  • sagging skin
  • breakdown of skin's collagen and elastin
  • skin discoloration / hyperpigmentation
  • skin cancers

By using Environmental Protection and Care Products, such as Nancy K. Brown Sun Defense® Minerals Shields - you are helping to protect one of your most precious assets, your skin. Environmental Protection and Care are a must for any quality skin care regimen to be successful used everyday, in all weather, year-round - spring, summer, fall and especially winter, it will keep you looking younger and feeling your best at any age.

Nancy K. Brown's line of multi-active Sun Defense® Minerals Shields products physical protectants that are coral reef safe, environmentally and child friendly, water resistant and free of sunscreen chemicals.

Nancy K. Brown's line of multi-active Sun Defense® Minerals Shields products provide you with the perfect finishing protector for your day-time skin care regimen. Sun Defense® Minerals Shields - also known as beauty balm, blemish balm or beauty benefit - all skin types, including sensitive, dry, fragile, aging, aging/mature, normal, oily, combination and acne prone or acneic skin types and offer your choice for moderate / occasional to longer periods of environmental exposure.

Sun Defense® Minerals Shields, with fine-particle micronized* Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, are physical environmental protectants, which help provide immediate protection when applied, by scattering light and reflecting it away from your skin. This avoids heat build-up on your skin's surface. For combination, oily and acne prone skins Titanium Dioxide also functions as a natural oil absorber, helping to avoid oil breakthroughs during the day. For sensitive skins, the anti-inflammatory qualities of Titanium Dioxide help to sooth and calm skin. *Please note: Nancy K. Brown does not use nano-particles in any of its products.

Sun Defense® Minerals Shields, Nancy K Brown's are available with natural - skin neutral skin-tone tint or untinted (white), they may be used alone, mixed with your favorite foundation or used as a light foundation / make-up application. Sun Defense® Minerals Shields are Nancy K Brown's very own versions of beauty balms, blemish balms, beauty benefit, cc creme or a-z creme products, with a true multi-functional difference.

please note: during pregnancy the daily use of Sun Defense® Minerals Shield is ideal to help prevent 'pregnancy mask' (melasma).1

please note: when taking medication, oral contraceptives or are on hormone replacement therapy the daily use of Sun Defense® Minerals Shield is ideal to help prevent hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration.1

please note: for drier skins, Sun Defense® Minerals Shield can be use on top of your regular moisturizer / hydrator.

1 best results are dependant upon application before going into the sun, daily use, application of sufficient quantity - a