Sun Defense Mineral Shield 30+ Tinted

Nancy K Brown : Sun Defense Mineral Shield 30+ Tinted
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Skin Types: Sensitive, Mature, Acne-Prone-Or-Acneic, Combination, Normal, Fragile, Oily


Nancy K Brown's - beauty balm, blemish balm and beauty benefit - for multi-active mineral based physical day-time protection - Sun Defense Mineral Shield with natural skin tone - excellent aid in helping to prevent long-term skin damage caused by the sun and other environmental stresses. Damage which may result in premature aging, wrinkling, sagging & discoloration of your skin. Protect one of your most precious assets, your skin, everyday, in all weather, year-round - spring, summer, fall and especially winter. Sun Defense Minerals is coral reef safe and environmentally friendly. For additional information click here

- is a physical sunprotectant, excellent for those who are sensitive to or concerned about chemical sun protectants.

Multi-action multi-active day-time protection all in one, a daily must:

  • moisturizer:
    • moisturizes your skin's surface, for a supple & comfortable feel
  • skin primer:
    • primes your skin so it has a flawless surface for make-up application
  • foundation:
    • provides a light wearing, non-clogging which blends into the skin, while helping to conceal imperfections
  • hydration lock:
    • seals in your skin's essential internal hydration, preventing its loss to the environment
  • broad spectrum physical Sun Defense® MINERAL SHIELD / BLOCK:
    • with fine-particle* Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide - instant physical sun protectants/blockers (not chemicals). *Please note: Nancy K. Brown does not use nano-particles in any of its products.
    • its physical broad spectrum Sun Defense® Shield / Block helps protect your skin against the sun's harmful aging and burning effects 
    • instant defense / protection from the sun by immediately scattering sunlight and reflecting it away from your skin when applied - helps avoid heat build-up on your skin
    • for oily and acne prone skins Titanium Dioxide functions as a natural oil absorber, helping to avoid oil breakthroughs during the day
    • for sensitive skins, the anti-inflammatory qualities of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide help to soothe and calm skin
  • natural neutral skin tone:
    • helps even-out skin tone - hiding imperfections
    • blends completely into skin - for a natural, even skin tone look with a healthy luminous glow
    • works for all skin types & ethnicities (works for Asian, South East Asian, Indian, East Indian, African, Afro-American, Chinese and Caucasian)
    • unisex - for men and women - does not give that 'un-natural makeup look' - helps even-out skin discoloration and imperfections 
  • water resistant
  • child friendly
  • natural minerals only - no sunscreen chemicals
    • no benzophenones
    • no cinnamates
    • no PABA
    • no nano particles
  • coral reef safe- environmentally friendly
  • non-greasy / non-oily
  • non-comedogenic, non-allergenic
  • perfume free
  • use alone as a light foundation or with makeup
  • gives skin a flawless smooth appearance 
  • 30+ for longer periods of sun exposure

WHEN TO USE: after your Hydrator and / or moisturizer, as Step 5 day-time moisturizer / sunprotectant or alone. Use everyday, year-round, during all seasons, in all types of weather. 

HOW TO USE: treat and use as you would a light make-up
- alone:
onto clean skin, after your hydrator and /or moisturizer almost immediately apply Sun Defense Shield liberally and evenly to all exposed skin, gently smooth over skin, allow to set (a minute or two). Women may follow with foundation or make-up if desired. Reapply, onto clean skin, especially after swimming or heavy perspiration.

- part of skin regimen: after your Hydrator (Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Pro Gel or Hydrant Essence) and /or moisturizer, almost immediately apply Sun Defense Mineral Shield liberally and evenly to all exposed skin, gently smooth over skin, allow to set (a minute or two). Women may follow with foundation or make-up. Reapply, onto clean skin, especially after swimming or heavy perspiration.

- sensitive / dry skin regimen: after your Hydrator (Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Pro Gel or Hydrant Essence) - apply and spread Serum #3 (Skin Nutrient Serum) all over face, follow with Sun Defense Shield for a very smooth and easy application.

30ml / 1 oz. fl. US (introductory size)
120ml / 4 oz. fl. US

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Please note: Common sense caution applies. For external use only. Always patch test any product before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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