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Nancy K. Brown presents you with the finest professional salon quality finger nail care files and buffers available anywhere.

Made with the best craftmanship and from the highest quality materials. They are designed to assist you in making your finger and toe nails their best and most presentable. Long lasting, durable and high performance.

Available in RECTANGULAR FORMAT, specifically for its superior handling characteristics. Finger nail files and buffers are cushioned - for increased strength, resilience and flexibility - to allow for slight bending to reach into corners and other ackward places.

You can choose from various grids and surface treatments - finger nail FILES to shorten and shape your finger and toe nails and finger nail BUFFERS to help remove ridges, lines and other imperfections from the finger and toe nail surface and buff your finger and toe nails to a brilliant shine.

May be used for both finger and toe nails. For natural and artificial finger and toe nails.