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unique, professional, salon quality formulations, combining an innovative blend of:
  • protein (extra-rich)
  • keratin (hydrolized)
  • calcium
  • vitamins
  • and fortifying resins

to provide you with highly effective conditioning and therapeutic nail treatments, for:

preventive maintenance: - to help maintain your nails in good condition before problems occur
corrective therapy: - to help correct problematic nails - which are etremely weak or stressed / damaged
by artificials, acrylics, sculptures, tips, wraps, overuse, abuse, carelessness or neglect.

ProTechniques Nail Proteins help normal and problem nails by cross-linking and bonding the nail layers together, to build a strong flexible foundation which resists breaking, cracking, splitting and peeling, while conditioning.

Select the nail protein therapy by Salon Sciences / Pro Techniques best suited for your nail care needs.