ProTechniques - Protein Therapy - by Salon Sciences

Nancy K Brown : ProTechniques - Protein Therapy - by Salon Sciences
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protein maintenance care

ProTechniques provides a state of the art blend of protein, keratin, calcium, vitamins and fortifying resins for a highly effective professional conditioning and strengthening therapeutic nail treatment by Salon Sciences.
Protechniques is a conditioning/maintenance treatment for weakened nails.
  • for weakened or damaged nails
  • protein and hydrolized keratin help nails by cross-linking and bonding the nail layers together
  • builds a strong flexible foundation
  • vitamins and calcium help nourish and condition nails to promote healthy nail growth
  • helps resist breaking
  • helps resist cracking
  • helps resist splitting
  • helps resist peeling
  • use on natural nails as a base coat & topcoat along with polish or alone as a clear gloss
  • when applied dries clear

WHEN TO USE: to provide strengthening and maintenance treatment for nails which are generally in good condition or only slightly weakened / damaged

HOW TO USE: apply one (1) coat of ProTechniques to clean, dry, bare nails, free of all traces of oil, soap, or cuticle preparations. Use alone or as a therapeutic base coat with nail polish. Apply one (1) coat every other day as a topcoat. Apply on top of nail surface and around and under the free edge of the nail. Remove weekly with a gentle polish remover. Repeat application procedure.

15ml / 1/2 oz. fl. US  


part of the line of finger and toe nail and cuticle care products by Salon Science / Salon Sciences

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