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Nancy K Brown BUST and NECK CARE

The bust and neck, also know as the decollete, are often overlooked. For most people, bust and neckdo not form part of their regular skin care routine. It is here, however, that the signs of ageing first show and are most noticeable.

Sun exposure, gravity and neglect take their toll - a neglected bust and neck area will reveal your true age. It is for these reasons that Nancy K. Brown recommends:

A proper skin care routine does not stop at the jaw-line, but should include the neck - front and back - and the chest / bust areas.

With this in mind, Nancy K. Brown offers you help with the special needs of your bust and neck:
  • toning, lifting and firming skin tissue
  • lines, wrinkles and sagging skin
  • connective tissue / ligament support
  • improved skin elasticity
  • improved hydration and moisturization
  • anti-oxidants
  • improved cellular functioning and oxygenation

Allowing you to maintain or recapture, as much as possible, the beautiful contours and youthful appearance of your bust and neck. Helping you to delay the onset of the visible signs of ageing.
Keep everyone guessing about your age.

  • Some facts about the female breast:
    • breast development begins when girls reach puberty, about 10 - 11 years of age
    • breast are made-up of fatty (adipose) tissue, which is held together by the skin - they do not contain muscles
    • breasts contain Cooper's ligaments, which together with the skin, give support and firmness, with age these breakdown, loose elasticity and the breasts sag - that is why it is so important to maintain the quality of your breasts skin
    • exercise will not increase breast size
    • exercise will tone the breasts, by strengthening the pectoral muscles, found below the adipose breast tissue
    • the average cup size, worldwide, is B
    • many women have asymmetrical breasts - one breast being larger than the other.