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Nancy K. Brown's family of therapeutic and treatment masks are the perfect complement to you skin care regimen. Use your favorite mask once a week, or whenever you need to de-stress, for relaxation and rejuvenation, to give your skin that extra boost.

Make your selection based upon you skin type and/or particular skin condition. Your choices range from powder concentrate masks - which you can customize to your particular needs - to ready prepared masks. All skin types are represented.

To obtain the maximum benefit from your mask regimen, it is adviseable to include not only the face, but also the neck and chest areas in your treatment.

Furthermore, there are also professional mask tools available, to assist you in the preparation, mixing, application and removal of your mask - helping you to make your mask experience that much more enjoyable and effective.

We invite you to experience these relaxing, nourishing corrective and preventive treatments. PAMPER YOURSELF!

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