Serum #1 - moisture binding complex & face primer with ceramides and sphingolipids

Nancy K Brown : Serum #1 - moisture binding complex & face primer with ceramides and sphingolipids
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Skin Types: Sensitive, Aging-Or-Mature, Mature, Acne-Prone-Or-Acneic, Combination, Normal, Fragile, Oily, Dry

Serum #1 - moisture binding complex
                   & face primer

  • Nancy K Brown brings you a luxurious, nutrient rich serum to: 
    • help your skin in renewing its protective barrier function
    • help your skin maintain its vital moisture binding capacity
    • help replenish your skin's essential moisture reservoir
    • help your skin become silky smooth and supple
    • comes in individual dose twist top capsules - for guaranteed freshness; one application per capsule
    • rich in Glycoceramides, Sphingolipids, Cyclomethicone, Tocopheryl and Dimethicone
    • non-comedogenic and non-allergenic - allows your skin to breath
    • as FACE PRIMER - SERUM #1 provides you with a perfect, smooth surface for flawless make-up application

WHEN TO USE: Serum #1 can be used morning and night overtop of your Hydrator and underneath your sun shield / block or overtop of your sunscreen / night creme (whichever is appropriate for the time of day).

HOW TO USE: twist the top off Serum capsule, squeeze contents onto finger tips and gently massage into face, neck and chest; allow to be absorbed before applying other products overtop.

10 capsules (introductory quantity)
50 capsules

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