Aloe Mist Toner

Nancy K Brown : Aloe Mist Toner
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Skin Types: Sensitive, Aging-Or-Mature, Mature, Acne-Prone-Or-Acneic, Combination, Normal, Fragile, Oily, Dry

Aloe Vera Mist Toner 

Nancy K Brown's top of the line toner for effective assistance in the fight against environmental stresses, Aloe Vera Mist Toner is fortified with micellized vitamins A & E, powerful antioxidants, for additional free radical fighting capabilities. 

Aloe Vera Mist Toner helps prepare your skin to receive and better use active products through its hydrating action and rebalancing of your skin's natural pH balance (also known as the skin's acid mantle). With Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Gel (Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera), micellized Vitamins A & E and Allantoin.

With powerful:

  • anti-irritant / anti-inflammatory properties
  • anti-oxidant properties
  • with micellized vitamins A & E 
  • water-delivering and water-binding agents
  • non-aerosol
  • calms
  • soothes
  • hydrates
  • nourishes
  • leaves your skin clean, clear, soft and supple
  • non-comedogenic and non-allergenic
  • non-irritating
  • fragrance / perfume free
  • color free
  • alcohol free
  • disinfectant free
  • anti-bacterial agent free
  • quickly and easily absorbed

WHEN TO USE: after each cleansing of the face, neck and chest.

HOW TO USE: after cleansing, spray Aloe Vera Mist Toner directly onto face, neck (front and back) and chest, or onto cotton pad. Gently smooth over face, neck and chest. Allow to be absorbed.

30ml / 1 oz. fl. US
120ml / 4 oz. fl. US
240ml / 8.1 oz. fl. US

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