Sunburn - explained - what to do, what it is, how to prevent, the consequences - how Nancy K Brown aloe skin care can help:

- "Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun." (No�l Coward, 1899 - 1973)


  • a sunburn - what is it ?
    • is an inflammation of the skin due to sudden or over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation
    • this can be from sunlight or any other UV source (lamps, beds, tanning parlors, etc.)
  • causes of sunburns ?
    • a sudden, uncontrolled and unprotected exposure to UV radiation (e.g. sun)
    • the skin did not have the opportunity to properly respond to exposure, being unable to produce enough melanin to protect the skin against UV radiation
  • sunburn prevention:
    • expose your skin to UV rays gradually
    • properly and liberally apply and reapply sun protection moisturizers or shields such as Nancy K Brown Sun Defense Mineral Shields
    • wear a broad rimmed hat and sun protectant clothing
    • do not get direct sun exposure when the sun is at its most intense (between noon and 4:00 pm)
  • what to do when you have a sunburn ?
    • get out of the sun or away from other UV radiation source immediately - find shade or go indoors
    • drink lots of water to rehydrate your body - avoid alcoholic and caffeine containing beverages (these dehydrate your body)
    • apply a hydrating, soothing and calming gel, creme and/or lotion to affected area(s)
      • Nancy K. Brown suggests a combination of Nancy K Brown's Aloe Vera Gel Hydrator and Aloe Vera All Purpose Creme


        FIRST - gently rinse your skin with cool water

        SECOND - liberally apply Aloe Vera Gel Hydrator - because a sun burn is many skin layers deep, Aloe Vera Gel Hydrator will be absorbed deep into your skin to bring soothing and calming hydration where it is desperately needed - deep inside your skin

        THIRD - apply Aloe Vera All Purpose Creme - to soothe, calm and moisturize your skin's surface - while sealing in the gel hydrator applied in previous step.

    • do NOT pop blisters - these help protect the healing process under the skin, preventing contamination and infection
    • if the burn is severe consult a health care professional
  • results and consequences of sunburns:
    • immediate results:
      • a red, inflamed and tender skin, which flakes, peels and scabs
      • possible blisters if more severe
      • discomfort for several days until the inflammation subsides
    • long-term consequences may be:
      • permanent damage to skin cells
      • scaring - from picking at the scabs and flaking skin
      • premature ageing of the skin
      • breakdown of the skin's collagen and elastin, resulting in:
        • sagging skin
        • more pronounced lines and wrinkles
      • skin discoloration / hyperpigmentation - unevenly distributed areas of darker skin, giving skin a patchy appearance
      • skin cancers
  • why use Aloe Vera to help with a sunburn:
    • Aloe Vera, such as Nancy K Brown's Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera, is truly a magical botanical with numerous special properties to assist with the relief from the pain and quick repair of sunburns.
      • Aloe Vera has a vast number of scientifically well documented properties to help with injuries such as sunburn, such as:
        • pain management – through the inhibition of pain producing substances such as bradykinin and thromboxane
        • increase of blood circulation, vasodilation - to assist in wound and tissue injuries repair
        • minimization of discomfort – by speeding the body's repair process and stimulating drainage of swollen tissues
        • immunostimulation – the stimulation of the body's immune system, general and target-specific, by natural killer cell activity stimulation to remove injured cells quickly and efficiently, due to the abundance of polysaccharides
        • antioxidant activity - to fight free radicals which are caused by the UV radiation
        • aspirin-like effect – due to the presence of salicylates - to help numb some of the pain and discomfort
        • stimulation of cell proliferation and differentiation (in a controlled manner) - to speed-up proper cell and tissue repair - assisting in scar minimization
        • anti-inflammatory properties – speeding the healing process - wound & other injuries - also assisting in scar minimization
        • wound and burn healing – wide range of tissue injuries, including frostbite and sunburn
        • deep tissue moisturization properties – actually more properly called hydrating properties, by bringing moisture deep into the skin
        • UV radiation and burn treatment
    • want more information about real Aloe Vera's many beneficial properties and abilities, in skin care, wound and injury healing click here


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