Why Nancy K. Brown Aloe Vera?

Nancy K. Brown Aloe Vera is made from Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Barbadensis.

Many of Aloe Vera’s beneficial ingredients are found just underneath the surface of the leaf. This is why Nancy K. Brown uses the whole leaf instead of just the inside, also called the matrix, of the leaf. This may be compared to the effect of peeling apples or potatoes. It is well known that many of the nutrients in both apples and potatoes are found just beneath the skin, when peeling either one it is inevitable that more than just the skin is removed, losing much that is beneficial. The same principle applies to Aloe Vera; using the whole leaf ensures nothing is wasted, ensuring the maximum number of ingredients and potency are present in the Nancy K. Brown products you use. Aloe Vera made from just the inside of the leaf is far less potent and rich in beneficial ingredients than Aloe Vera made from the entire (whole) leaf.

The Cold Process, also known as low heat pasteurization, stabilizes the activity of the entire Aloe Vera leaf without destroying any of its active ingredients. Cold processing protects the activity of the enzymes, the structure of the amino acids and the integrity of the muco, poly and mucopolysaccharides that form a very important part of the benefial ingredients naturally found in Aloe Vera. High heat, the traditional method of processing Aloes, alters and destroys the enzymes and amino acids. The results of high heat on Aloe can be compared to heating milk or boiling an egg, the molecular structure is changed. The enzymes and amino acids contained in the milk or egg are changed or destroyed and much of the benefit that could have been derived from them is lost to the body. Cold processing (low heat) of Aloe Vera protects the enzymes and amino acids and their beneficial actions.

c) Nancy K Brown Aloe Vera has NO ADDED:

  • color
  • fragrance
  • disinfectants
  • fillers

Therefore Cold Processed Whole Leaf Aloe Vera brings to skin and body care the maximum benefits the Aloe Vera plant has to offer - naturally.

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