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The Nancy K. Brown family of skin and face cares serums are specifically formulated to provide additional skin support. Our Serums provide you with unique ingredient combinations and concentrations. They help you to address special needs and conditions in you face, neck and chest areas.

The skin and face care serums you find here are:

  • highly effective
  • light, easily and quickly absorbed
  • gentle
  • restorative
  • nourishing
  • full of vitamins, botanicals and botanical extracts, hydrators, humectants, soothers and calmers, anti-oxidants, moisturizers and skin nutrients
  • fragrance and color free, no harsh drying agents or disinfectants
  • non-comedogenic and non-allergenic
  • packaged in a convenient and easy to use airless dispenser or capsule form, to maintain product freshness and allow for controlled dose application

delivering you RESULTS, not just promises. Providing you with a smooth, soft, supple and hydrated skin.

Which product to choose: pick the Serum product which addresses your special needs. If you would like to use more than one Serum, use them in an alternating manner, not both at the same time.

When to use: Serum products can be used morning and night on top of your Hydrator and underneath your sun shield/block or overtop of your sunscreen / night creme.

How to use: The best way to apply your Serum is by placing a small amount on your finger tips and gently massage it into your face, neck and chest. Allow the Serum to be absorbed before applying other products over top.

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