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Skin and face toners and astringents explained - why tone your skin, how do face toners work, what to look for and what to avoid when selecting a skin toner.

Toners form the very important second step in your skin care regime. Often seen as unnecessary or optional, the skin and face toner's role is misunderstood and dismissed. Toners are sometimes seen as 'just another product I am being pushed to buy'. With a quality toner this is not true. Using a quality toner will enhance the effectiveness and results of your skin care regime and products.

Depending on the manner of application, your toner's functions vary:

1) If sprayed directly onto the skin, its functions are to refresh, hydrate and tone the skin.

2) If applied with a cotton pad and gently smoothed over the face, the toner's functions, in addition to those listed above, are to provide additional cleaning action, by removing the last traces of impurities.

3) In addition to the functions described above, a toner also acts as a pH normalizer / balancer. A properly formulated cleanser, in order to do its job, changes the pH balance of the skin's acid mantle. During the cleansing process, this pH is raised, ie. made more alkaline or basic. This is necessary for the oils on the skin's surface to be dissolved, allowing dirt, debris and makeup to be removed effectively. The toner's pH normalizing action re-establishes the pH balance of the skin's acid mantle bringing it to a more acidic level, ranging from pH 5.6 to 6.6, depending on genetics, the skin's condition and the area of the body where the measurement was taken. Skin acidity is believed to be important in helping to reduce and control bacteria numbers on the skin.

4) A light misting application of your toner will help set your makeup.

An effective, quality toner prepares your skin for RESULTS and should:

  • be non-comedogenic, non-allergenic and gentle, yet effective
  • be non-irritating, non-drying
  • leave your skin clean, clear, smooth, supple and soft
  • not irritate and aggrevate sebaccious glands and their oil production
  • be alcohol free
  • disinfectant free (no witchhazel, no triclosan, etc)
  • be color and fragrance free
  • have water-binding (humectant) and hydrating properties
  • have antioxidant properties
  • have anti-irritant / anti-inflammatory properties
  • be anti-bacterial agent free - except in very specific conditions and situations

Nancy K. Brown toners provide you with all of the above benefits and requirements, for men and women, of all ages, all skin types and all ethnicities.

Nancy K. Brown aloe vera skin care products offer you a selection of the world's best Aloe Vera based toners, with 100% pure Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera. Please select the Aloe Vera toner that is appropriate for your skin type and best addresses your skin's needs.