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Top coats provide the finishing touch for your nail care. They provide you with long lasting, tough wearing protection for your natural or artificial nails. You can choose from quick air drying or regular top coats.

When used alone (without polish) as a finishing gloss, topcoats help enhance the natural beauty of your nails, as well as providing a protective barrier against water, soaps and other harsh agents which attack your nails on a daily basis.

When used overtop of nail polish, topcoats form a protective barrier overtop of the polish. Helping to protect against polish smudging, extend polish life by protecting it against the attacks of harsh chemicals and just simple wear from daily use. Topcoats also enhance the vibrance of polish colors.

Selecting a quality salon topcoat for your needs has never been easier. Nancy K. Brown offers you a wide assortment of cutting edge professional quality solutions to answer your topcoat needs, for both men and women.

The many benefits of each topcoat and the manner in which to use them is throughly explained. Select the topcoat which answers your nail care needs from effective and RESULT delivering brands such as Salon Sciences, Air X Press, Pro Formula and Nancy K Brown.