Sun Facts

Some Facts About The Sun

  • sitting in the shade does not protect you from the sun - only 20% of UV light is reduced this way
  • did you know that up to 80% of sun's rays get through:
    • fog
    • mist
    • light clouds
  • when your shadow is the shortest, the sun's rays are the strongest
  • water reflects about 80% of UV rays
    • you get UV exposure from two directions, namely:
      • directly from the sun and indirectly from the UV light reflected back from the water
    • reason for more severe sunburns when you are in or near water
  • water-proof sun screens / blocks and protectants -
    • there are no such things, they do not exist - they are marketing hype
    • the best you can achieve is water-resistant - which means they resist, to a certain degree, the water, but will come off when swimming, washing or sweating heavily

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