Formula F anti-microbial for athletes foot conditions - spray-on format

Nancy K Brown : Formula F anti-microbial for athletes foot conditions - spray-on format
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FORMULA F - spray on format
for fungus / athletes foot / jock itch related conditions

Formula F spray on is a highly effective natural formulation containing Undecylenic Acid, organic compound derived from Castor Oil, which helps to both kill fungus and stop fungus growth - without irritating skin and easy to use, fast acting, quick results. The Spray format is designed to help with athlete's foot, jock itch and related conditions and problems.

  • Undecylenic Acid, derived from Castor seed oil, is an organic unsaturated fatty acid that has been clinically proven to have both:
    • fungicidal action: kills fungi broadly
    • fungistatic action: inhibits fungi growth
  • helps fight fungal / athlete's foot problems on feet and elsewhere on the body 
  • helps inhibit fungal cell growth, spread and reproduction
  • a non-invasive, non-systemic, natural topical solution
  • non-irritating to the skin and cuticles
  • holistic and natural anti-fungal solution
  • quick drying
  • highly effective, easy to use
  • high potency
  • highly effective
  • multi-active
  • non-comedogenic and non-allergenic
  • very easy to use
  • color free 
  • fast acting and quick results

WHEN TO USE: when you are experiencing microbial / fungal / athlete's foot problems. 

HOW TO USE: after washing and drying feet or other affected areas, spray Formula F onto affected area twice daily. Massage in, especially between toes, allow to be absorbed. Follow with the Nancy K Brown Foot Cream for additional hydrating and nourishing benefits.

120ml / 4 oz. fl. US 

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Please note: Common sense caution applies. For external use only. Always patch test any product before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Flammable, keep away from flame. Keep away from infants and children.


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