Wood Foot File / Foot Paddle - Two Sided | Wood Handled

Nancy K Brown : Wood Foot File / Foot Paddle - Two Sided | Wood Handled
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WOOD FOOT FILE / FOOT PADDLE - callus remover | Two (2) Sided | Double Sided | Wood Handled

The best wood foot file / foot paddle you will ever use!  We guarantee it! 
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           "These foot paddles are the best...." G. V. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (17 Dec. 2021)

Nancy K Brown's professional salon / spa quality wood two sided foot file / foot paddle - the ultimate in foot care for your feet:

  • meets health care standards for foot care world wide
  • with special easy clean surfaces - easily remove residue (most other files are diffcult to clean)
  • environmental wood foot file
  • natural wood foot file
  • eco wood foot file
  • solid lacquered wood construction - will not snap or break
  • tough, durable large filing surfaces
  • two sided / double sided - each individual side with a different strength abrasive grit surface
  • one side for callus removal, other side for finer smoothing and buffing
  • waterproof
  • washable
  • sanitizable - resistant against pathogens, bacteria and other microbes found on feet
  • unsurpassed for durability and longevity - super long lasting
  • contoured, ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand
  • rounded edges for comfort
  • for left or right handed use
  • makes removal of calluses and rough dry skin from your feet a breeze
  • helps prevent or eliminate cracked heals
  • for proper maintenance of your feet - helping to improve the overall health of your feet
  • use wet or dry
  • easy and safe to use - eliminates the need for blades or knives
how to use: use wet or dry
  • use dry: to remove majority of calluses
  • use wet: to smooth and polish feet
How to care for and clean your wood foot file / paddle - click here 
How to use your wood foot file / paddle and get the most out of it - click here
approximate size:
10.75" long x 1.625" wide (at filing surface)
27cm long x 4cm wide (at filing surface)

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