Wood Foot File / Foot Paddle - Two Sided | Wood Handled

Nancy K Brown : Wood Foot File / Foot Paddle - Two Sided | Wood Handled
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WOOD FOOT FILE / FOOT PADDLE - callus remover | Two (2) Sided | Double Sided | Wood Handled

The best wood foot file / foot paddle you will ever use!  We guarantee it! 
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           "These foot paddles are the best...." G. V. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (17 Dec. 2021)

Nancy K Brown's professional salon / spa quality wood two sided foot file / foot paddle - the ultimate in foot care for your feet:

  • meets health care standards for foot care world wide
  • with special easy clean surfaces - easily remove residue (most other files are diffcult to clean)
  • environmental wood foot file
  • natural wood foot file
  • eco wood foot file
  • solid lacquered wood construction - will not snap or break
  • tough, durable large filing surfaces
  • two sided / double sided - each individual side with a different strength abrasive grit surface
  • one side for callus removal, other side for finer smoothing and buffing
  • waterproof
  • washable
  • sanitizable - resistant against pathogens, bacteria and other microbes found on feet
  • unsurpassed for durability and longevity - super long lasting
  • contoured, ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand
  • rounded edges for comfort
  • for left or right handed use
  • makes removal of calluses and rough dry skin from your feet a breeze
  • helps prevent or eliminate cracked heals
  • for proper maintenance of your feet - helping to improve the overall health of your feet
  • use wet or dry
  • easy and safe to use - eliminates the need for blades or knives
how to use: use wet or dry
  • always wash and clean feet before use
  • use dry: to remove majority of calluses
  • use wet: to smooth and polish feet
  • always wash and clean feet after use
which side to use when:
  • use coarse side (English text side) to remove calluses / rough / dry skin
  • use finer side (French text side) to polish soles and underside of feet
How to care for and clean your wood foot file / paddle - click here 
How to use your wood foot file / paddle and get the most out of it - click here
approximate size:

10.75" long x 1.625" wide (at filing surface)
27cm long x 4cm wide (at filing surface)

Note: Common sense caution applies. Do not over use. Do not use on eczema, psoriasis, warts or irritated skin. Do not use if diabetic, or have poor circulation, unless permitted by physician. Always clean file / paddle after each use. Store in dry location.

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