Who can benefit from skin exfoliation and chemical peels?

EVERYBODY can benefit from skin exfoliation / chemical peels !

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Skin Care Professionals recognize skin exfoliants and chemical peels, especially Glycolic Acid, must be an integral part of effective skin care and should be part of your regular skin care routine. If you don't exfoliate your skin on a regular basis you are wasting your time, effort and money - for your skin care products simply will not be effective, nor will you seen significant results.

Exfoliation provides benefits to all skin types, all age groups, all ethnic groups, men and women, from mid-teens on.

Skin exfoliation is not only beneficial for those who need help to control a skin condition; it is highly recommended for the prevention of future skin problems, helping to slow down the visible signs of aging and maintaining the quality of your skin at its best, AT ANY AGE.


The Nancy K. Brown family of Aloe Exfoliant® Glycolic Acid products offers skin exfoliants and chemical peels in a variety of strengths and formats - gels, lotions and creams, tailored to your specific skin care needs. Aloe Exfoliant® is the unique beauty industry leading blend of the highest quality Aloe Vera and the purest Glycolic Acid to bring your skin, face and body, the best and most effective exfoliation and chemical peel experience nature has to offer, with less burn, less dryness, less sting, less irritation, more comfort for the best long lasting results possible.

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