What do glycolic percentages (% ages) truly mean?

Many users of exfoliation products are bombarded with confusing industry terminology. glycolic percentagesOne of the most misleading is the use of percentages. This is particularly true with regard to Glycolic containing products. Often the percentage displayed on the packaging is not the true percentage of Glycolic found in the product. 

The problem starts with the industry standard of purity, Pharmaceutical Grade, which in the case of Glycolic means 70% pure. Thus, if the packaging of the Glycolic containing product purchased indicates for example 8%, this should be read as 8% of 70% purity which in reality means the product only contains 5.6% Glycolic, not 8%.

Nancy K. Brown's exclusive use of Ultra Pure Crystalline Grade Glycolic, which is 99.99% pure, in all of its Glycolic containing products avoids this confusing and misleading 'numbers game'. The higher the starting purity - the more effective, stable, consistent and beneficial the product will be for your skin.

With Nancy K Brown's Aloe Exfoliant® Glycolic you receive the ultimate free, non-neutralized, pH optimized and ultra pure Glycolic presented to you in the industry's leading proprietary formulation of Glycolic and Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera.

When a Nancy K. Brown product says 5%, 10%, etc., we mean from a 100% pure starting point. Thus 5%, 10%, etc. are true percentages, no tricks. This gives you the assurance of the highest quality, purity, effectiveness, integrity and RESULTS.

Nancy K Brown does not play fast and loose with your skin. We strive to give you honest, effective, straight forward, result delivering, affordable and easily to use products that make a real difference.

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