Why is ingredient molecule size and the proper absorption of skin care products important?

Proper absorption of skin and beauty care products is extremely important. If a product is not properly absorbed it can lead to irritation, sensitization, breakouts, skin dehydration, increased skin problems and other complications.

Why would a product not absorb properly?
- The main reason for this is the molecular size of the product's ingredients, particularly
the ingredient used as its base.

What happens when a product does not absorb properly:


 If the molecular size is too large, the
product lingers on the skins surface, its moisture
(water) content evaporates, the ingredients become
too concentrated and literally burn the skin. The
product tries to replace the moisture lost due to
evaporation; it does so from the only source
possible, your skin, dehydrating your skin in the
process. That is why many people, when applying
certain moisturizer find that they feel dry after a
while and have to reapply on a frequent basis.


Nancy K. Brown uses Aloe Vera as the very foundation (base) for all of its skin and beauty care products. Aloe Vera is one of the smallest molecular sized ingredients in the beauty and health care industry. Nancy K. Brown uses Aloe Vera as the base for its products and as a carrier (vehicle) to bring other ingredients easily into the skin. Aloe Vera eliminates the problems of improper product absorption and its resultant complications.


To further promote proper and efficient absorption, Nancy K. Brown uses miscillized ingredients, such as miscillized vitamins. Miscillization, the reduction in molecular size of liquids without compromising their integrity and effectiveness, ensures optimal absorption (i.e. miscillized Vitamins A & E, found in Nancy K. Brown products such as Mist Toner, Hydrant Essence, etc.).

Nancy K. Brown also uses micronized solids, such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in the Sun Defense ® Shield line of sun-protection products. Micronization, the reduction in molecular size of solids without compromising their integrity and effectiveness, helps prevent the lodging of particles in the pores, ducts and follicles.

Although miscillized and micronized ingredients are more expensive, at Nancy K. Brown we belief that they are well worth the effort, for they provide you with superior products and eliminate the problems of improper product absorption, clogging and irritation of the skin. Products that deliver RESULTS.

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