The Golden Rules for Glycolic Acid use

When using any product, it is important to follow the rules, the use of Glycolic Acid is no different. By following these simple rules, you will experience RESULTS you never thought possible, even in your wildest dreams.

properly formulated Glycolic Acid products, such as Nancy K Brown's Aloe Exfoliant Glycolic Acid, are SIMPLE, STRAIGHT FORWARD, EASY TO USE, NO NEED FOR COMPLICATED RITUALS or EXPENSIVE MACHINES!


1.always apply Glycolic Acid to clean skin (otherwise it draws dirt into the skin)
2.always apply Glycolic Acid to dry skin (dry to the touch)
3.apply a thin even layer of Glycolic Acid (do not cake-on, what touches the skin does the work) way to apply Glycolic Acid at home is with clean finger tips (no need for brushes, sponges or other tools) not rub the area you have applied Glycolic Acid to not apply Glycolic Acid on irritated or abraded skin

for concentrations up to 10% Glycolic Acid - do NOT rinse off, allow Glycolic Acid to fully absorb - about 8 - 10 minutes - than continue with rest of your skin care regimen

8.always do Glycolic Acid Peels before other facial procedures. (e.g. extractions of black heads and white heads, masks, shaving, etc.)
9.use the support products appropriate for your skin type and condition, such as the proper cleanser, toner, hydrator and moisturizer and/or sun protection product - this will enhance RESULTS


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