Your Lips and the Sun

Facts About The Sun and Your Lips

  • LIP FACTS - before and while outdoors:
    • lips do not produce melanin - the skin's natural defense against the sun's UV rays
      • your lips are very susceptible to UV damage and skin cancer
    • did you know - when you apply a clear lip gloss, you may actually be intensifying the sun's damaging UV rays

    1. onto clean lips apply your sun protection product - your Sun Defense® Minerals Shield by Nancy K Brown
    2. do this at least 20 minutes before going into the sun to allow the sun protection ingredients to take effect
    3. allow to set
    4. follow over top with your lipstick or lip-gloss

Follow these simple steps and you can pucker-up to the sun with confidence!

  • LIP FACTS - after care:
    • after care is simple:
      • apply Aloe Vera onto lips to help sooth and hydrate - use Aloe Vera Gel Hydrator
      • may also use for help with dry or chapped lips

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