Puffy Eyes reasons why how to prevent

Puffy eyes, technically known as periorbital edema, are a common complaint.

The questions are:                                                             Aloe Vera / Aloe Barbadensis Nancy K Brown

  1. what are puffy eyes?
  2. why do puffy eyes occur?
  3. what are the causes of puffy eyes?
  4. how do you prevent puffy eyes?


What are puffy eyes:

  • puffy eyes - skin that is congested, dehydrated and irritated around the eye area, characterised by swelling, irritation, redness and discomfort.

Why do puffy eyes occur:

  • the main reason for puffy eyes is simple:
    • not allowing enough time between applying skin care products to eye areas and going to sleep -
      • the skin around the eyes does not have many pores thus skin care products have a difficult time being absorbed.
      • the movement of the eye lids and muscles facilitates skin care product absorption by skin around eyes
      • when you sleep, your eyelids are closed, thus absorption of skin care products is not facilitated
      • skin care products that do not absorb, linger and dry out (loose their water content), this drying out causes moisture (hydration / water) within the skin to be drawn to the area the product was applied and pulled out of the skin
      • this causes in turn skin congestion and irritation - the result is puffy eyes

Causes of puffy eyes:

  • wrong product use - using products that are not properly formulated for the special needs of eye areas:
    • products that do not absorb properly and efficiently
      • products that have a fomulation structure that is too large for the skin around the skin around the eyes to absorb
      • using products with irritating ingredients, such as:
        • Tea Tree Oil
        • Witchhazel, etc.
  • not enough time - not allowing enough time between applying skin care products to eye areas and going to sleep
  • too much product used: caking on product will not give more benefit - use reasonable amount, here a little goes a long way
  • rubbing - trying to rub products into the skin to force absoption:
    • causes irritation of and stress on skin
    • properly formulated skin care products should absorb by themselves after application
  • not exfoliating - not properly exfoliating the skin in the eye area (a well formulated exfoliating skin product is not irritating):
    • this allows dead skin to build-up
    • creates a barrier against product absorption
    • inhibits beneficial ingredients from nourishing and feeding the skin around the eyes
  • not cleansing - not properly cleansing the skin at night from a day's makeup, grime, sweat and environmental pollutants before going to bed:
    • this grinds in dirt
    • leaves sweat, rancid oils and salts on the skin - congesting skin - causing irritation and inflammation
  • makeup - going to sleep with makeup or makeup residue on:
    • despite the advise of a famous or infamous woman (depending upon your point of view) that the secret to keeping your man is to wear makeup to bed - this is not a good idea for skin health, not to mention for the man's heart condition in the morning.
    • this grinds in the makeup - congesting skin - causing irritation and inflammation
  • allergic reaction - to product or environmental factors such as pollen, dust, etc.
  • contact dermatitis - reaction to product ingredient (such as laundry detergent), material (such as a type of fabric), surface type (such as soft foam cushion) causing overstimulation or irritation of the skin
  • medical condition - if you suspect your puffy eyes are due to a medical condition, contact your doctor for assistance.

How to prevent puffy eyes:

  1. use properly formulated skin products that promote absorption:
  2. use products that do not have irritating ingredients, avoid products with:
    • coloring agents
    • fragrances
    • disinfectants - such as Tea Tree Oil, Witchhazel, Alcohol, etc.
  3. exfoliate skin regularly - exfoliants such as Glycolic Gels are best - they absorb efficiently - see Aloe Exfoliant Glycolic Gels by Nancy K Brown for excellent choices.
    • exfoliation of the skin around the eyes can be done as follows:
      • above eye - up to and including the eye brows
      • below eye - up to where the eye socket begins
      • be careful near the corners of the eyes:
        • always avoid getting any product in the eyes
      • as with everything - do not over do it
  4. allow enough time between applying your skin care product and going to bed


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