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Testimonials for Nancy K Brown Skin Care Products

- I would like to say that I find the Aloe Hydrant Essence from Nancy K. Brown very effective. As well as for facial use, I tried it on a persistent rash on my ankle and it helped relief the redness and itching. The professional application of the Essence has greatly improved the smoothness of my skin, especially my 'T' zone which had large pores. I will continue to use them. Many thanks from a happy user!! -- Maria R., Quebec, Canada

- Is there a spa /salon /aesthetician in Greater Vancouver that / who uses Nancy K Brown products for professional facials? I currently use Nancy K Brown products and absolutely will not use any other product line. I have been using Nancy K Brown for almost three months and the condition of my skin, both appearance and feel, has been transformed dramatically. I enjoy my own daily / nightly skin care routines but would also like to be pampered at a spa but only if the products used are Nancy K Brown. Thank you. G.F. Canada.

- Good Morning, I have been a loyal customer of Nancy K Brown since 2006. I'm in the Air Force and travel all around the wold, and have lived in extreme conditions, such as the hottest deserts and the high artic. Throughout these years, I have always relied on Nancy K Brown products to keep my skin looking its best. I have problem skin, so that's not an easy feat. I have rosacea, for which I get IPL treatments about once a year, and psoriasis on my legs, torso and arms.

- Recently I have had to start taking a prescription which severely exacerbated my psoriasis. It was horrible and I was away from my military base for several months unable to get a prescription refill to deal with this. I turned to your products which have been so effective on my face. I have had amazing results, although not a cure, allowing me to reduce the itching and redness.

- I am using the Body Polish, followed by spraying on your Liquid Toner, then topped with the Gel Hydrator and sealed in at night with the Hand & Body Lotion with 12% Glycolic Acid. The lesions are truly helped by your fantastic and effective products. I want to thank you for your line, it has been a real life saver to me. Sincerely, S. R., Canada.

- "Just wanted to pass along my experience with a potential burn. I accidentally poured hot spaghetti sauce straight from the pot onto the fleshy part of my thumb and did it hurt !! First I ran my thumb under the cold water tap, dryed it gently, then applied Nancy K Brown Aloe Vera Gel Hydrator. Instantly the pain subsided and it did not show any burn effects nor did the skin blister. I have also found this product to be helpful in soothing sunburn pain or any other topical application where aloe would be used. It is quick absorbing and helps restore your skin's hydration level with the healing effects of aloe." L.W., SK, Canada

- "There’s a very good, no-nonsense/no frills line of skincare from Nancy K. Brown (no, I’m NOT a rep) that’s a fraction of the price of some “high end” skin care programs. It’s not ‘drugstore cheap’, but it’s not luxury-priced either, and it delivers actual results. I always think it sounds hokey when people say things like “I started getting comments on how good my skin looked", but I started using this and after a few weeks people actually did start saying how great my skin looked. Trippy."

- "Ever since being turned onto this skin care line my skin has never looked and felt so healthy. This product is truly amazing." Mike B., B.C., Canada

- "I recently had quite a sunburn on my back and shoulders. My shoulders started to blister so my wife applied the All Purpose Creme. The next morning there was very little, if any blistering. It was quick and effective and we were amazed at the speed and healing power of the cream."  Bud O., B.C., Canada

- "My esthetician got me started on the Nancy K. Brown Skin Care Line and I am using the products faithfully. Every 4 -6 weeks I have my 30% glycolic peel and I now notice a remarkable difference in my overall complexion. My skin is softer, smoother and has a much more even skin tone. Amazingly my acne pock marks are not as obvious."  Cleo B., B.C., Canada

- "I am fourteen years old. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I was suffering from chronic 3rd and 4th degree acne which covered my entire face along with scaring. I was introduced to the Nancy K. Brown Skin Care Line by my aunt, who was concerned about my emotional and state and physical appearance. She knew that these products could do miracles for me. I initially started off with a facial in the salon and took home the Introductory Skin Pack for Oily/Acne Prone Skin, which lasted me three weeks. In that time I came back for my second facial and my first 30% peel. During this short time, not only has my acne almost completely disappearedbut so has a great deal of the scarring. I will continue using the Nancy K. Brown skin care line. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from acne. T. J., B.C., Canada

- "The beauty salon in North Olmsted were I work is looking for a new skin care line. I myself have used your line of products and swear by them as they have cleared up my acne. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide, we are currently seeking a professional line to enhance our aesthetic services."
Cynthia Yonkof, professional esthetician, Ohio, USA

- "I wish to thank you for introducing me to your products several years ago. I have been extremely happy with the routine of N.K.B. products you advised me to use. I have sensitive skin and tried many products over twenty years, with breakouts galore. Now using N.K.B. products I feel good about my skin and my appearance. I never miss a day with 10% Aloe Exfoliant, Mist, Hydrant Essence and ofcourse 30+ sunblock/shield. Every three weeks a treat, 30% exfoliant and a relaxing Biogenic Energizing Mask - wonderful ! "  Lisa, B.C., Canada

- "Hello my name is Sheila. Before I became familiar with this product I was using Mary K. - this product was not bad but I still broke out and suffered from oily skin. After using the Nancy K. Brown for two weeks I have noticed a tremendous difference. My face has lost a lot of the oil and it feels clean all day. I don't have major acne but the blemishes I did have cleared up quickly. My face feels great and I receive many compliments on the change. I would recommend this product to anyone with or without skin problems. Sheila, B.C., Canada

- "Dear Nancy K. Brown,
I have worked in our industry for 14 years. I am both a Hairstylist and an Esthetician. In my experience there are products and there are finds. Well this Aloe Exfoliant Glycolic Gel is just that. It is an important ingredient in my services and I thank you for that." Patti Martin, Ontario, Canada

- "I would like to say that I find the Aloe Hydrant Essence from Nancy K. Brown very effective. As well as for facial use, I tried it on a persistent rash on my ankle and it helped relief the redness and itching. The professional application of the Essence has greatly improved the smoothness of my skin, especially my 'T' zone which had large pores. I am glad my esthetician introduced me to you products and I will continue to use them. Many thanks from a happy user!!"  Maria R., Quebec, Canada

- "Dear Nancy K. Brown,
I would like to thank you for the product my esthetician uses and sold to me. The Aloe Exfoliant Glycolic works wonders on my fingers - as I have had fungus (called so by the doctor) - deep crackes and would you belief with this product and the Moisture Lotion it works miracles. This is better than the medication and ointment. Thank you again.  Poly, Alberta, Canada

- "I have had, over a period of two and a half months, a series of Aloe Exfoliant Glycolic treatments, and I wish to say that the results have been terrific. I am a very satisfied customer. My husband says 'I look ten to fifteen years younger!!!'"  Marie P., B.C., Canada

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