Peeling Nails

Peeling Nail problems - reasons and solutions !



  1. frequent and excessive water exposure.
    • doing dishes or other activities involving a great deal of placing of hands in water without gloves. Water gets trapped in the voids and small spaces between the layers of the nail, this causes the nail to swell and change shape. When the trapped water evaporates, the nail shrinks. Repeated cycles of swelling and shrinking weakens the nail and can eventually cause the layers of the nail to separate and peel.
  2. hands in plastic or latex gloves for extended periods of time - especially in laboratory settings.
    • these types of gloves do not breath. The enclosed environment causes the hands to sweat. The resultant salty moisture can not evaporate and can attack and weaken the nail for the same reasons as above.




  1. use gloves when doing dishes or other activities involving water exposure.
  2. when wearing gloves, remove on regular basis to allow moisture to evaporate. If using disposable latex, change for new pair on a regular basis.
  3. keep nail surfaces and free edges coated with a quality base coat which will prevent water penetration. To prevent peeling use Salon Sciences Base Coats or Salon Sciences Fortifiers and Hardeners (click on links for more information).


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