Eye Care products how to properly apply to skin

The proper application of your eye care products makes a world of difference for the results you can expect to get from your eye products and eye care regimen.

As the illustration below shows application of eye care products is simple, done properly your eye care products will give you the results you are looking for (pun intended), as long as you follow proper technique and these simple rules:

  1. use your pinky finger to apply eye care products, reasons why:
    • fingers are the best tools to use for skin care application when you are applying products to yourself
      • fingers give you effective control
      • fingers give you immediate feedback regarding pressure and intensity of your application
      • with fingers you do not waste product (in brushes lots of product gets wasted)
  2. apply eye care products gently
  3. apply eye care products in a soft dabbing manner (do not rub - this stretches the skin)
  4. allow enough time for eye care products to fully absorb - see Puffy Eyes for details

                                   Eye care product proper application to skin illustration by Nancy K Brown

UNDER THE EYES - see illustration:

  • apply eye care products from the outside inward toward the nose.

ABOVE THE EYES - see illustration:

  • apply eye care products from the inside outward toward the ears.


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