About Nancy K. Brown Skin Care

Nancy K Brown - skin and body care at its best, experience the difference,see the results and enjoy the positive comments !

Embrace life and be proud of who you are! Look your best at any age, let Nancy K. Brown Aloe Vera and Glycolic Acid Skin, Body, Hand, Foot and Nail Care products help you achieve your skin and body care goals!

                                                  "Customer Service provided to me was exceptional." I. K. Burnaby, B.C. Canada (3 Sept. 2021)

Nancy K Brown is:

  • not a multi-level, pyramid marketing or direct sales scheme
  • not a home sales club
  • not an automatic reorder "club"

Nancy K Brown is:

  • a straight forward, easy to deal with, no strings attached beauty care company dedicated to bring you the best Aloe Vera and Glycolic based skin and body care in the world - so your skin and body can look their best at any age!


- Exceptional value, superior products and service, at irresistibly affordable prices !™

At Nancy K Brown, we believe you know quality when you experience it.

That's why we let our North American and western European made beauty products speak loudly for themselves - no hyped pitchmen, no empty celebrity endorsements.

Expert formulations. Excellent value. True results. No hype. Knowledgeable people. It is that simple and effective.

Nancy K Brown is proud to offer you no nonsense skin, body, hand, foot and nail care products that are:

  • gender neutral - for every pronoun, men and women included
  • vegan friendly
  • diabetic friendly
  • customer friendly
  • free of triclosane or other disinfectants, gluten, nano-particles, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), fillers, fragrances, coloring agents, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate
  • environmentally conscious
  • free of animal testing

honest products that actually work - no promises, just results !


Nancy K Brown Aesthetics is proudly Canadian and brings you exclusively North America crafted skin, body, hand, foot and nail care products.

Founded in 1991 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, named after its founder, NANCY K. BROWN from the beginning has been a company of firsts, a company of innovation. Driven by a vision to help people improve the quality of their lives through beauty products that make a real difference, NANCY K. BROWN has been at the forefront of the modern skin care industry. Developing skin, body, hand, foot and nail products that are highly effective, offering quality ingredients - at significant quantities that make a real difference - and generous sizes at irresistibly affordable prices that is the Nancy K Brown philosophy !

Unlike the 'traditional' skin care industry which at best enabled people to maintain the status quo, leaving many users feeling frustrated and powerless; the modern skin care industry has brought a renewed focus on effective products, products that deliver the results they promise.

The focus of NANCY K. BROWN is to empower you, our customer, with the knowledge, products and value to achieve the results you are looking for in your personal beauty care. It is for this reason NANCY K. BROWN concentrates on skin, body, hand, foot and nail care. We do not cloud the issues, or insult your intelligence by hiding behind environmental or social causes. Does this mean we are not socially or environmentally conscious? Certainly not! Ofcourse Nancy K Brown cares about the environment, but it means that Nancy K Brown lets its products speak for themselves by delivering you unparalleled RESULTS.



When ordering from Nancy K Brown you can expect friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service. Your order will be shipped if at all possible the same business day in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your shipment's details. For your convenience payment options accepted are Discover Card, Interact, MasterCard, PayPal or Visa.

When using Nancy K Brown skin, body, hand, foot and nail care you will get no-nonsense, straightforward, effective products that deliver real RESULTS. Real value for money, not promises or dreams in a jar, which become nightmares. If you have any questions about your products a Nancy K Brown associate will be happy to assist, you can call toll free during business hours (8 am to 6 pm MTS) or e-mail using the ASK AN EXPERT feature on the Home Page.

The Nancy K Brown website is designed to help provide you with knowledge and information about skin, body, hand, foot and nail care topics. To demystify the hype so that you can make informed decisions when choosing products for the health of your skin, body, hands, feet and nails. We encourage you to actively use features such as SKIN DICTIONARY, SKIN CONDITIONS, LITERATURE, ALOE VERA and GLYCOLIC ACID.

All Nancy K. Brown products are designed to work together, synergistically, to provide you with a balanced and holistic approach to your skin. body, hand, foot and nail care needs, as opposed to the more common hit-and-miss approach. Nancy K. Brown products are formulated to work with your skin and assist it from the inside-out, by bringing your skin the nutrients and help it needs to function optimally; allowing your skin to support and repair itself. You will not find products which are specifically designated as anti-aging, for all Nancy K. Brown products are formulated to provide anti-aging action and benefits. At Nancy K. Brown we belief that your entire regime, no matter at what age - from your cleanser, toner, exfoliant, hydrator to sun protectant - should provide you with anti-aging action and benefits. Having a single buzzword anti-aging product is, in our opinion, just so much hype and provides very little real benefit. A holistic, integrated skin care regime, which is part of your daily routine, such as that offered by Nancy K. Brown, will provide you and your skin with true, lasting Results and Value.

Nancy K. Brown does not use NANO PARTICLES in any products.
For the difference between micro and nano particles please see the Skin Dictionary for a full explanation.

Nancy K. Brown supports the ethical treatment of animals, as such we do not engage in nor endorse product testing on animals. New ingredients testing is essential to determine safety. Wherever possible, and governmental regulations permit, Nancy K. Brown encourages and supports the scientific community's efforts to produce and use valid tests that do not use animals, but rather cell cultures called "in vitro testing" as well as predictive computer models.


Nancy K Brown products are friendly for those individuals seeking a vegan lifestyle. Nancy K Brown does not use nor do its products contain animal products or animal-by products.


Nancy K Brown products are suitable for use by diabetics or individuals with diabetic related issues. In fact many of its products help promote blood circulation, wound healing and the control of fungal and bacterial growth in a natural, holistic manner, without side effects and complications.

In our effort to respect the planet we all share, Nancy K. Brown strives to conduct business in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Your order will be shipped in a recyclable box with garden-friendly biodegradable organic packing chips (do not throw them away, use them as organic food for your house plants or garden - add water and they dissolve). Our literature, where possible is printed on recycled paper. Your invoice is printed on both sides of the page. Nancy K. Brown products do not come in throw-away packaging, such as outer cardboard boxes. These are just some of the actions we take to reduce our environmental foot print and impact on the environment.

Nancy K. Brown's packaging speaks volumes and tells you clearly who we are and what we stand for: straight forward, no nonsense - quality, results and value.

Our packaging is designed to be classic and elegant, functional, ergonomic, minimalist and environmentally friendly:


  • 100% recyclable packaging 
  • classic, elegant and timeless - understated classical and elegant packaging which can be used by both women and men
  • functional - easy to use, from dispensing the product, to seeing which product is which - it is the reason Nancy K. Brown pioneered the STEP system
  • ergonomic design -
    • bottles - easy to grab, handle and hold in places such as the shower or bathroom
    • jars - form-fitted to the contours of your hands - with round bottoms and flat tops - so you can hold onto the jar's bottom while easily removing its lid
    • caps - depending upon which product - bottles are fitted with easy to use dispensing caps (flip tops) or orifice reducers to allow you to control the amount of product you use
  • minimalist - provides you with all information that is necessary to properly use your products and get their maximum benefit. What the product is, what the product does, its ingredients and usage can all be seen on the product container - no boxes, inserts, etc., to waste your time or pollute the environment
  • environmentally friendly -
    • no outer cardboard boxes - since these are one-time use and discarded immediately after purchase
    • the outer security seals for jars and bottles perform double duty as protective wrapping during shipping
    • these measures allow Nancy K. Brown to reduce or eliminate excessive packaging waste
  • inner and outer security sealed - all Nancy K. Brown products are security sealed, inside and outside, for your safety and peace of mind (a measure employed by Nancy K. Brown from the very beginning - and only now being implemented by a select few forward looking competitors).
  • Nancy K Brown products are Phthalate free - for more information visit the Canadian Cancer Society's website here
  • Nancy K Brown packaging is Bisphenol A (BPA) free - for more information visit the Canadian Cancer Society's website here


Instead of wasting resources on throw-away packaging and marketing hype, we concentrate our efforts on what is really important - the products inside. This allows us to bring you products of a quality better than that available anywhere else in the world! DELIVERING YOU THE RESULTS THAT MAKE A TRUE DIFFERENCE! Effective products with quality ingredients - at quantities which make a real difference - and generous sizes at reasonable prices that is the Nancy K Brown philosophy !

Where needed, Nancy K. Brown uses preservatives. There really is no such thing as a Preservative-Free product. We have all heard how preservatives are supposed to be bad for you. Contrary however, to what certain companies would like you to belief, in most cases, preservatives are actually good for and essential in cosmetic / skin care products. Without preservatives, products would mold or spoil in a matter of days. The warmth and dampness of bathrooms, where people use and store their cosmetic / skin care products, can be ideal environments for micro-organisms to flourish, including in your cosmetic / skin care products.

Preservatives keep micro-organisms - bacteria, mold, fungi and yeast - from establishing themselves and multiplying in your skin care / cosmetic products. Applying a skin care / cosmetic product which has been contaminated with micro-organisms onto your skin is not a good thing, and can lead to a whole host of complications. For information on parabens please see the Canadian Cancer Society's website which sheds valuable clarity on this issue, which has been hyped and drawn out of context.

At Nancy K. Brown we use preservatives only where necessary and only in those amounts needed to provide you with stable, effective and safe products. Many of Nancy K. Brown's ingredients, such as vitamins, do double duty, for beside their primary functions, they also serve as preservatives to keep your products fresh and usable. Other ingredients, such as our Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), have innate anti-microbial properties. Companies which claim to have no preservatives in their products are not telling you the truth.

The terminology and debate surrounding the topics of "natural", "organic", "botanical", "holistic", etc., is often misleading and confusing, sometimes made so deliberately, by companies, industries and special interests.

There is a general assumption that "natural" products are better or healthier than similar ones using synthetic (man-made) ingredients. Often, however, these "natural" ingredients are no different in chemical composition than their synthetic (man-made) counterparts. In fact, a synthetic substance can sometimes provide a purer, more stable, safer and thus effective ingredient - which gives the product greater efficacy and longer usable life.

Nancy K. Brown strives to strike a balance between natural and man-made ingredients. If a natural ingredient is available which provides all the properties and qualities of, or is better than its man-made version, Nancy K. Brown will use the natural ingredient. If, however, the man-made version provides better properties and qualities, than the natural, the man-made ingredient will be favored. Certain ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid, do not occur naturally, as such the man-made ingredient must be used.

At Nancy K Brown we do not use fragrances (perfumes, etc.) frivolously. Fragrances in personal care products are one of the main sources of skin irritation and sensitization. You may not react immediately, but eventually most people's skin's will react adversely to fragrances in their cosmetics and skin care products. That is why Nancy K Brown skin, body, hand and foot care products do not have fragrances. If you want to smell pretty, use your favorite perfume, eau de toilette or body spray after your skin care regimen.   

We invite you to explore our website, created with you, our customer in mind, designed to be informative and entertaining. Experience the difference NANCY K. BROWN can make in your life. Our products are effective, simple to use and affordable! If you are serious about your skin, we are serious about helping you! This is our commitment to you! We want to earn your business!

Nancy K Brown - the world's best aloe vera and glycolic skin, body, hand, foot and nail care ™

                            Exceptional value, superior products and service, at irresistibly affordable prices !™


- your Canadian skin and beauty care company bringing you North America crafted affordable high-end professional skin, body, hand, foot and nail care products that delivers real RESULTS !

this informational service is brought to you by Nancy K. Brown Aesthetics, Inc.