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Properly cared for nail cuticles, finger nails and toe nails are the distinguishing mark of the well cared for individual - man and woman.

Your finger nails and toe nails are complex structures, each is made-up of the :

  • nail plate - the hard finger and toe nail surface
  • nail bed - lies below the finger and toe nail and prvides the attachment of the nail to the finger
  • nail matrix - found at the base of the finger and toe nail, is where nail growth originates
  • cuticle - connects the top of the finger or toe nail plate to the skin behind
  • nail folds - hard skin at sides of finger and toe nail plate, where nail meets skin.

Nancy K. Brown provides you with the world's best nail care tools, products and treatments for natural, gel, acrylic and artificial nails to quickly and effectively care for your cuticules and finger and toe nails, to solve the many issues which may effect your nails.

Whether you have always struggled with your cuticles and finger and toe nails or you wish to do:

preventive nail care: - to help maintain your cuticles and finger and toe nails in top condition before problems occur
corrective / restorative nail care: - to help correct cuticle and finger and toe nail problems

Giving your finger and toe nails and cuticles the proper care they deserve, is simple, quick and rewarding, with powerful and effective finger and toe nail care products from Salon Sciences Nail and Cuticle Treatments, Rudolph International Nail Files and Buffers, ProFormula UV top coats, Air X Press Quick Air Dry top coat and Formula F anti fungal therapy for finger and toe nails. Solutions for any nail type, natural, gel, acrylic and artificial.

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