What is the real color of Aloe Vera?

Real (natural) Aloe Vera gel or liquid is not green!

In nature the green of the Aloe Vera plant is the result of interaction of the plant's chlorophyll with sunlight.

Products containg Aloe or Aloe Vera which are green in color have artificial color dyes added (check their ingredient listing for RD blue and RD yellow, which when combined give the green color).

Natural Aloe Vera gel varies in color from clear to slightly yellow / translucent gold. The variation in color depends upon the season in which the Aloe Vera was harvested. When clear in color the Aloe Vera was harvested during the rainy season; Aloe Vera that is slightly yellow / translucent gold in color has been harvested during the dry season.

Nancy K. Brown's Aloe Vera is clear or slightly yellow / translucent gold in color, providing you with additonal assurance of the purity, authenticity and potency of our products. Nancy K. Brown products do not contain artificial color dyes or fragrances.

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