Aloe Vera - Beneficial Skin Care Components

What beneficial skin care components does Aloe Vera contain?

succulent aloe vera leaf Nancy K. Brown

below are listed the many beneficial components which are found in Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) - the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids (essential and secondary) and the mono, poly and mucopolysaccharides, and a brief description of the roles these play in natural skin care.


6 MONO, POLY and MUCHOPOLYSACCHARIDES: part of the body’s own natural immune system, essential in repair of damaged cells and tissue, help the body fight against bacteria. Help stimulate cellular regeneration, reducing and preventing scar formation. Aid in skin moisturization and hydration level.
 Mannose(Hexo)uronic AcidL-rhamnose
  8 ESSSENTIAL VITAMINS: essential for cell and tissue functioning
  Pro Vitamin AVitamin B1 
  Vitamin B2Vitamin C 
  Vitamin ECholine 
  Folacin B ComplexNiacin (Niacinamide B Complex)


  8 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS: essential for tissue building and repair
  11 SECONDARY AMINO ACIDS: for tissue building and repair
  HydroxiprolineAlanineGlutamic Acid 
  Asparitc AcidCystine 


    5 ENZYMES: essential catalysts for proper product utilization



    9 MINERALS: essential for proper cell and tissue functioning




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