Allergies or Sensitivity to Aloe Vera in Skin Care Products Explained

Allergies and Sensitivities to Aloe Vera in skin care explained - how to test if you are really allergic to Aloe Vera !

Very few incidents of sensitivity or allergy to properly prepared Aloe Vera (aloe barbadensis) exist. Sensitivity or allergy is usually the result of improper preparation, the addition of coloring agents, fillers, fragrances or other additives. If sensitivity or allergy is suspected the following procedure will provide definitive proof if this is so:


 1) apply a small amount of the Aloe Vera gel or liquid to the inside of the elbow.
 2) wait for five to ten minutes – that is usually enough time to see any reaction.
 3) note any symptoms – for allergic or sensitive reaction the following should appear:
  a) itching
  b) a burning sensation
  c) welts or swelling
  d) an uncomfortable feeling


Mere redness not accompanied by the above symptoms does not indicate allergic or sensitive reaction, it merely means stimulation and increased blood circulation in the area the Aloe Vera was applied. This is a good thing and shows you that your product is active and beneficial.

Nancy K. Brown Aloe Vera products are non-comedogenic, non allergenic, free of alcohol, free of disinfectants, free of perfumes and free of coloring agents.

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