Oily Acne Skin Care Testimonial with Before and After Photos

oily acne skin care testimonial about Nancy K Brown Aloe Vera and Glycolic Acid skin care products.

This young man, with oily and moderate acne prone / acneic skin, is a client of Laurie Wilkie of Fresh Look Cosmetics in Saskatchewan, Canada.

As part of her service, Laurie evaluated her client's skin, lifestyle and skin care habits to:

  • determine the underlying reasons for his condition

Next, Laurie worked with her client:

  • to develop a customized skin care routine that:
    • adressed the underlying issues and skin needs
    • that will bring the results he is looking for
    • that fit into his daily routine
  • all with the support of Nancy K Brown head office support staff if and when needed

The results as you can see on the before and during photos speak for themselves. See below for yourself !

The young man began with and continues to use the following Nancy K Brown Skin Care product regimen for Oily / Acne Prone / moderate Acneic Skin:

ongoing evalution and assessment: periodically Laurie reassesses the skin care products her client is using - based upon the progress, results and skin condition, if needed Laurie adjusts her client's product mix. After initially beginning with Step 4 (hydrate) the Aloe Vera Gel Hydrator (to soothe, calm, nourish and restore / replenish internal skin hydration levels), she upgraded her client to Aloe Vera Pro Gel Hydrator to take internal skin hydration to the next level.

For your convenience, Nancy K Brown has complete skin care regimen packages for oily, acne prone, acneic or congested skins:


   before left side of face:                                                                                   before right side of face:

Nancy K Brown Skin Care oily acne prone skin client before left side of face


Nancy K Brown Skin Care client right side of face before oily acne prone skin care regimen














  After about two months:

Nancy K Brown Skin Care oily acne prone skin client during skin care regimen


see what Nancy K Brown Aloe Vera and Glycolic Acid Skin Care products and a Nancy K Brown Skin Care Consultant, salon or spa near you can do for your and your family's skins.


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