Pro Finish Nail Preparer - nail oil residue remover

Nancy K Brown : Pro Finish Nail Preparer - nail oil residue remover
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PRO FINISH - pre polish nail preparer

salon quality nail prep helps remove oil residue from nails, prepares your nails for base coat, polish and top coat:

  • adhesion and bonding solution
  • removes oil residue from the nail surface
  • improves the adhesion and bonding between the natural nail and products applied - polish, artificials (wraps, gels, acrylics), and nail art to help prevent lifting
  • Professional Salon Quality
  • for better, longer wear
  • quick drying
  • no harse odor
  • use after cuticle and nail conditioning treatments to remove any traces of oil residue from the nail surface
  • use before the application of any nail product to assure maximum adhesion and bonding

WHEN TO USE: on natural nails as a nail preparer to remove all traces of oil residue which may be present on the nail surface, naturally or as a result of nail or cuticle treatments. Allow to dry, before applying base coat, followed by nail polish and then by your topcoat.  

HOW TO USE: onto clean nails, apply one (1) coat, allow to dry.

15ml / 1/2 oz. fl. US