Acne Prone Skin Mask with Sulphur and Camphor

Nancy K Brown : Acne Prone Skin Mask with Sulphur and Camphor
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Skin Types: Acne-Prone-Or-Acneic, Combination, Oily

ACNE PRONE SKIN MASK with Sulphur and Camphor

wonderful purifying masque for help with deep pore cleansing, with Sulphur and Camphor, to help soothe and control conditions and irritations associated with oily / acne prone skins,

  • absorbs impurities and excess oils
  • helps normalize the activity of sebaceaous (oil) glands 
  • helps minimize enlarged pores
  • helps soothe inflammation
  • helps reduce redness

HOW TO USE: application: cleanse face, neck and chest areas. After cleansing spray areas with your toner, allow toner to slightly absorb, then apply mask, with masque application brush, onto face, neck and chest areas. Allow mask to set for 20 - 30 minutes, as needed spray mask with your toner to replenish moisture. To remove: wet mask with lukewarm water, allow water to be absorbed into mask, then use gently circular motions with fingertips to loosen mask. Remove with facial shammy and lukewarm water. Follow with your toner, hydrator and daytime or night-time moisturizer, as appropriate for time of day.
The use of the masque application bowl is recommended. 


60g / 2 oz. fl. US

120g / 4 oz. fl. US

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Please note: Common sense caution applies. Always patch test any product before use. Do not use when weather is hot or humid or both. Do not over use, do not use on irritated or abraded skin. Do not use on sunburned or windburned skin, or when sunburn or windburn is suspected. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Daily use of sun protection and proper support products, such a hydrators, are suggested. For external use only. Keep out of reach of infants and children.

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