Light Nail Polish & Top coat Drying / Curing System

Nancy K Brown : Light Nail Polish & Top coat Drying / Curing System
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PRO FINISH ELEGANTE nail polish and top coat light drying / curing system

the ultimate 3 minute light system for drying and curing your nail polish and topcoat - bring professional nail services home - for beautiful finger and toe nails that are tough and long wearing, chip and worry free.

your finger and toe nail Light Drying / Curing system comes with: 

  • drying / curing light for setting, drying and curing nail polish and top coat
  • nail prep (0.5 oz / 30ml) - removes any traces of oils to prepare your nails for maximum basecoat, polish and topcoat adhesion
  • extender (0.5 oz / 30ml)
  • base coat 0.5 oz / 30ml) - to create the proper foundation for proper adhesion and smooth polish color
  • Light Cured Topcoat (0.5 oz / 30ml) - for Natural or Artificial Nails - to protect and extend the wear time of your polish color - tell us if you want the top coat for Natural or Artificial Nails in the message section when placing your order


  • easy and quick to use - you no longer have to waste most of your day waiting for polish to dry / cure
  • no smudging, no frustration, no wasted time
  • get into your shoes in record time
  • swivel head - allows for use with finger and toes nails 
  • on/off switch
  • sets, dries and cures polish color and topcoat in record time
  • sets, seals and protects polish color
  • greatly enhances your polish color wear time

WHEN TO USE: to quickly and effortlessly set and dry your polish color and top coat in record time. 

HOW TO USE:  1) apply Nail Prep (to remove any traces of oil from the nail surface; 2) apply Base Coat; 3) apply one or two coats of polish color; 4) apply UV Topcoat - (allow topcoat to penetrate and combine with underlying layers for 3 - 4 minutes); 5) place fingers or toes under your Light Drying / Curing Light for 2 to 3 minutes. Voila, polish color is set and dry - no smudges, no tears, no frustration, minimal time, just perfect nails.

- for natural nails place finger or toe nails under Light Drying / Curing Light for 2 minutes

- for artificial nails place finger or toe nails under Light Drying / Curing Light for no more than 4 minutes

- refill bottles of above items available. 

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